Frequently Asked Questions

If I have insurance, how will it be processed?

ALLGlass MD will gladly handle all the necessary paperwork and will bill your insurance company directly.  We take care of the hassle involved with windshied replacement paperwork procedures so you won't have to.

Will my insurance rates go up if I get my windshield repaired or replaced through my insurance?

No. Windshield repair falls under the "comprehensive" portion of your insurance rather than the "collision" portion. A cracked windshield does not reflect on your driving ability and has no bearing on your level of risk to an insurance company. Therefore the windshield repair or replacement for your car will not influence your insurance premiums.

What is your guarantee?

ALLGlass MD guarantees that your crack or chip repair will not spread for as long as you own your vehicle or we will credit the amount you paid and apply it towards a new windshield replacement done in our shop.

Will my insurance company pay for my new windshield repair or replacement?

Yes, if you have full, or comprehensive, coverage. The only thing you will have to pay out of pocket is your deductible, in most cases between $0-100. If you think your deductible is higher than $100, make sure to confirm that you are not confusing your "collision" deductible with your "comprehensive" deductible, since collision deductibles are usually higher, but not applicable to windshield repair or replacement.



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